Ari at Home

These are just a few shots I took of Ari around the house yesterday. I was trying out some different camera setting, mostly adjusting ISO. I have the bad habit of leaving it on auto all the time. Even though it’s only a compact camera (Nikon S6200), I want to get better at photography and how to understand and use the different settings. If I can get a DSLR, I want to know how to really use it to take better photos. I don’t understand how people can spend a fortune on a DSLR then leave it on auto setting and take pictures of their kids on vacation or whatever. What’s the point of having a good camera if you’re not going to use it’s potential?

Anyway, I’m hoping to find a part time job to save up up for one, probably the Nikon D3100, or the D5100 if it drops in price, or I can find a used one. I know these are fairly well known, but I’m willing to check out other cameras, too. Any suggestions on an entry level DSLR and lens combo?

But I digress! These are a few shots I felt turned out all right. I know I still have a ways to go, but I will continue to practice!


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